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Are you frustrated with your fitness and weight loss results?Tired of all the hype and BS claims? Are you ready to start seeing some serious progress?

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Burn Fat Fast System Success Stories

"I've completely reshaped my body... I've made more progress in one month using your system than with over a year of aerobics and exercise on my own!  Thank you so much for helping me to reshape my body... I look and feel so much better. Thank you so much!Ē

Diane - Iowa   Listen to Diane's audio testimonial by clicking on the play button below



"I have lost 8lbs already! When I started I weighed 153 lbs now I am 145 lbs and am anxious to get rid of another 15-20 pounds. Thank you so much for your program!"

H.A. - Seattle, WA


"I love the way that your program is not just some new fad, but the fact is that these things have been around for many years. Someone like your self needed to just shove it in our face."


Eva Suarez & Rudy Casias

San Antonio, TX.


"I canít believe it!  I didnít think I was doing well.  I felt like my eating habits were pretty bad and I didnít see or feel like I was making much progress.  Itís very motivating to know that Iíve lost 5 pounds of fat in just 2 months.  Plus, I now understand that I canít judge my progress on the numbers on the scale.  Thanks for everything!Ē

Susan K - Mt. Airy, Maryland

So Why In The World Am I Giving Away FREE Copies of my
International Best-Selling Weight Loss Program, Burn Fat Fast?

Well, the truth is, I want you to experience the unbelievable health and fitness benefits that tens of thousands of others have by following my simple, yet powerful health and fitness advice.

And I thought there's no better way than bribing you with some powerful free gifts. So, here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to send you the following fitness products for FREE:

FREE Gift #1 - Burn Fat Fast Weight Loss Guide and Audio CD

A free copy of my best-selling weight loss program, Burn Fat Fast. This product consists of the printed guide and audio CD. The physical version sells for $39 and it's full of the most powerful information on how to speed up your metabolism with simple exercises and nutrition strategies.

Here's just some of you'll learn with my Burn Fat Fast system:

check mark - lose weight fast The 3 secrets to safe and permanent weight loss!

check mark- increase metabolism What metabolism is, how it works, what affects it, and how you  can dramatically increase yours!

check mark - flat staomach Why you don't need to exercise more than 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes... if at all!

check mark - tighten and tone muscles How to tighten, strengthen, and tone those muscles quickly!

check mark- healthy eating and nutrition Why what you eat isn't nearly as important as when you eat!

 check mark - burn fat while you sleep How to burn body fat 24-hours a day... even while you sleep!

check mark - guaranteed weight loss and fitness success How to guarantee your success and so much more!

But I know that most people don't just want to lose weight and burn fat, they also want strong and sexy abs so that's why I'll also include...

FREE Gift #2 - The ABsolute Truth DVD

A free copy of my brand new video, "The ABsolute Truth" on DVD. This video isn't even for sale yet, but it will be selling on my website in the next few weeks for $49, but you can get a copy today for FREE!

Here's just some of what you'll learn when you watch this video:

check mark - lose weight fast Why most so-called "experts" are dead WRONG when it comes to ab training

check mark - lose weight fast Which exercises are a waste of time and which ones are actually worth doing

check mark - lose weight fast How to get killer results with super short workouts

check mark - lose weight fast The best combination of the most effective ab exercises

check mark - lose weight fast A sample ab routine that will absolutely kick your arse!


Would You Be Happy With Results Like These?


"I've already lost 10 inches off my rear-end alone!"  - Devona Wells, Shepherdsville, KY  



"Your newsletter has given me a true education and what I appreciate most is the digging and uncovering you do to bring out the facts."  - Sylvia Morgan, San Jose, CA



"Now I know why I never saw the results I wanted, even though I was exercising five days a week for 2 hours at a time!" - Sandy A, Olney MD



"My waist went from a 42 to a 36 in just 8 weeks and I lost 10 pounds of fat!"

- Don G, Gaithersburg, MD

These ARE typical results from regular people just like you who simply got off their butts and followed my advice. Are you ready to start making some serious improvements in your life?


And If That Wasn't Enough...

I'll also give you a free, one-month trial membership in my Health + Fitness Inner Circle. Here's everything that you'll receive as a member:

Each month I'll send you my eight page print newsletter, Get Healthy & Fit News, which is full of the most powerful health, fitness and wellness information available from yours truly and dozens of other leading experts. Here's just some of what you can expect in each issue:

  • Cutting edge information from some of the worlds leading health, fitness and medical experts
  • Powerful tips, strategies and secrets you can use right away to get the best possible results in the shortest period of time
  • Unique exercises and stretches you can use to keep your workouts motivating, fun and effective - stuff you won't find anywhere else!
  • Motivating and inspiring success stories from people just like you
  • Nutrition information and advice you can understand and easily act on
  • Far more than I can list here!

Also, one of the things I've found is people learn in different ways and that's why in addition to the newsletter, I'll also be sending you the Get Healthy & Fit - Disc of the Month which will be an audio CD or video DVD.

Here are just a few of the recent CD's and DVD's:

  • Healthy Holiday Audio CD's
  • Goal Setting Secrets Audio CD
  • Pilates DVD
  • Strength Training DVD
  • Stretching DVD
  • Just to name a few!

Every month I'll bring you tips, secrets and strategies that you can use to get the absolute best possible results from your fitness and nutrition.

Plus, in addition to all of the above, I'll also be sending you lots of other surprise bonuses and gifts that I can't even tell you about yet...

You'll have a full month to check out the newsletter, listen to the audio CD's, and watch the videos. If you love them, which I know you will, do nothing and you'll continue to receive the latest issue and CD/DVD each month for just $24.95 ($29.95 if outside the US) beginning the second month.

My Personal Promise and Guarantee To You...

If at any time, and for any reason at all, you decide you want to cancel your membership, simply call my office toll-free 800-216-3217 or shoot me an email and we'll cancel your membership... plus, you can still keep the free gifts, newsletters and CD/DVD's that you've received!

All I ask is that you pay a small shipping and handling fee of $9.95 ($19.95 if outside the US) to help cover some of what it's going to cost me to ship you all of these products to you.



While you may think I'm a bit crazy for offering so much for free, the fact is, I know that once you experience and start feeling the benefits of my Health + Fitness Inner Circle you'll absolutely love it... so it's not really that big of a risk to take.

Actually, I've purposely made this such an irresistible offer so that there'd be no way you could refuse. So click on the link now to claim your free gifts and trial membership.

I look forward to helping you achieve all of your health, fitness and life goals :)

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, CSPN

P.S. What are you doing reading down here? You must be thinking this all sounds too good to be true. If that's the case, this probably isn't for you and you might as well keep doing what you've been doing. But I doubt that's the case...

I know you are tired of struggling to get the results you want or get rid of those aches and pains. And I know that you are ready to start making some real progress so go ahead, make the decision and commitment to yourself right now and get started!

Choose One Of The Options Below Now To Get Your FREE Gifts:

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More Success Stories From People Who
Have Used My Burn Fat Fast System

"Thanks so much Jesse! I owe you big time and still can't believe how well your system worked or how great I feel! It was so much easier than I ever thought and your personal support and motivation kept me so positive and motivated. Thanks again."

Cheryl T - Shreeveport, LA


"I can't believe how easy it was to lose the weight and keep it off by just implementing a few of your strategies.  My waist went from a 42 to a 36 in just 8 weeks and I lost 10 pounds of fat!  Your BURN FAT FAST! weight loss program is great!  Thanks for everything."

Don G.

Gaithersburg, Maryland




"I love the way that your program is not just some new fad, but the fact is that these things have been around for many years. Someone like your self needed to just shove it in our face."


Eva Suarez & Rudy Casias

San Antonio, TX.



"I just wanted to say thanks so much for your program. It helped me lose 4 pounds in just the first 2 weeks."

Steve - East Java, Indonesia


"Thank you for the wonderful support that you are giving , I have received the e-book, Its great... I must congratulate you on such a wonderful effort.  I have lost 8Kgs in past 2 months but i still need to loose 5 59 kgs now."

Monali V


ďIíve been working out consistently now for 8 weeks and Iíve lost 7 pounds!  I feel Iíve been using proper form, going slowly, and pushing myself more and more. Things are going well and I feel great!Ē

Julie C - Columbia, SC



"I found the information interesting and informative. It was easy to understand for the individual who knows nothing about fat loss and beneficial for the individual who is in the field of fitness. Thanks and God Bless!"

Scott Hines Sr. EdM, C.S.C.S. Pro Performance


"Jesse's Burn Fat FAST system is jammed FULL of useful, powerful info on how to lose fat and lose it quickly. I've been a personal trainer for more than 7 years and and I've been training for more than 12 years.

I'm very impressed with the common-sense approach this book takes. This is not some program that promises you the moon then fails to deliver. Take this advice, put it to work and you will burn fat fast!"

Nick Nilsson, B.A.Sc., A.C.E. Certified 



"I've just downloaded your e-books and though I haven't read through them all yet I have to say that for only $19.00 it has to be one of the best e-book buys of the 21st century with regard to the amount of information contained. Thanks so much."

Dennis Weis - Body Building + Fitness Author

Ketchikan, Alaska




"It was fantastic and you have really make my day as I not only look better now but I feel on top of the world and I feel more confident with myself. It was fabulous and it really works for me. Thank you so much."

Radzuan - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"I have lost 8lbs already! When I started I weighed 153 lbs now I am 145 lbs and am anxious to get rid of another 15-20 pounds. Thank you so much for your program!"

H.A. - Seattle, WA





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